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HAWKER® LIFETECH™ MOD1 and LIFETECH™ MOD1C modular, high-frequency smart chargers provide optimum charging, peak efficiency, maximum reliability, and nonstop power to meet the growing demands of our customers. The modular design of these chargers allows each individual power module to operate independently. Even if one module stops working, the other modules continue charging the battery. This eliminates the risk of catastrophic failures and downtime.

The LIFETECH™ MOD1 and LIFETECH™ MOD1C chargers are flexible and adaptable in operation. In addition to an uninterrupted charge, the modules automatically adjust based on a battery’s charge cycle requirements and adapt to a variety of battery capacities.

The LIFETECH™ MOD1C charger features HAWKER®’s patented IONIC charge profile and wireless communication via the wireless Battery Boss® WC diagnostic device.


Key Features

  • Simplified Service


  • Scalability for Future Needs


  • Environmentally Engineered