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HAWKER®’s complete line of modular high-frequency charging solutions includes the PTO™ MOD3 conventional and opportunity charger. This high-frequency charger provides economical opportunity charging capabilities and an adjustable I-U-I conventional charging profile. The opportunity profile allows operators to plug in for a quick charge during break times.

The PTO™ MOD3 charger has a start rate of up to 25% of the battery’s rated capacity or the maximum output of the charger (whichever is less) to consistently maintain the battery’s state of charge in opportunity mode. The battery is then completely charged daily via the charger’s constant current finish charge to bring the battery back to full capacity.


Additional Benefits


  • Ability to set specific charge parameters eliminates guess work for charger settings.


  • Ability to recharge multiple times throughout the day.


  • Elimination of battery change-outs.


  • Reduction of fleet inventory and equipment.


  • Scalable for future needs.