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Hawker Powersource
Motive Power Solutions
Energy Efficient Charging
High Frequency Chargers Reduce Energy Costs
Opportunity and Fast Charging
Eliminate Extra Batteries and Battery Changing
Battery Charging Rooms
Design and Installation of Battery Areas and Battery Handling Equipment

 Industrial Power Products

This website was developed to make our products and services known to those wishing to purchase, operate, and maintain motive power batteries and chargers. You will find a full range of products and services that relate to industrial batteries and chargers for electric lift trucks.


Hawker Batteries & Chargers

Hawker Powersource offers the broadest range of power solutions in the industry. Hawker manufactures both batteries and high frequency chargers and is a single-source provider.

Battery Room Design 

Let our experts design your battery room from layout to equipment specifications. Whether changing batteries or opportunity charging, our team can provide a comprehensive plan for your facility.

Repair & Maintenance Service

Industrial Power offers both on and off-site repair of batteries, chargers, and battery handling equipment. With five repair facilities in the mid-south and over 20 fully-stocked service vehicles, our company is always ready to support your business.

Battery Handling Equipment

Man-aboard systems, roller stands, battery transfer carts, gantry systems, and battery wash equipment.

Parts & Accessories

Single point watering, repair parts for batteries and chargers, battery room supplies, safety items, and spill products.

Battery Management Systems

Faster battery changes, fewer battery changes, longer battery life, more accurate battery purchase, right-size your fleet.

Rentals and Leasing

Industrial Power Products has over 300 batteries and 200 chargers in its rental fleet. Contact us for our full fleet maintenance program where we supply the batteries, chargers, and all maintenance services for one monthly price.

Remote Battery Monitoring

Industrial Power Products offers web-based monitoring of your battery and charger fleet. Know when your batteries need watering, experience battery run-time issues, and chargers don’t start.



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Industrial Power also operates two online businesses. PowRparts.com is an online store for motive power parts and accessories. UsedPower.com is a source for used batteries, chargers, and battery handling equipment.

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