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Battery Room Tools and Supplies

Industrial Power Products offers an extensive line of repair parts, accessories, and aftermarket items for batteries, chargers, and handling equipment. We also supply tools, booster packs, jumper cables, inverters, and other items for deep cycle and starting batteries. Visit our web store at powRparts.com and you will find a large selection available for purchase online. If you do not see an item you need, please call us at 888-547-2115, and we will be glad to assist you.





  • Battery Boxes
  • Battery Cables
  • Battery Connectors and
    Connector Accessories
  • Booster Packs and
    Jumper Cables
  • Battery Replacement Cells

  • Battery Room Supplies-
    neutralizing cleaners, additives, battery reconditioners, corrosion preventatives, heat shrink
  • Battery Room Tools-
    crimpers, cutters, cell pullers, drill bits, heat guns, post molds, acid syringe, hydrometers
  • Charger Controls-
    retrofit, repair service, new replacement for all brands
  • Charger Cables-
    lugs, twist lock plugs, contact tips
  • Charger Repair Parts-
    contactors, transformers, fuse blocks
  • Chargers-
    Industrial and golf cart types
  • Fuses- AC and DC

  • Intercell Connectors
  • Terminals & ICC Covers
  • Inverters and Inverter
    Installation Kits
  • Repair Parts for Industry
    Related Equipment